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Phone Number: 954-604-0067

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The Arts have always had a special place in Gabriel's heart. As a kid, he grew up knowing that he wanted to pursue some sort of artisitc career. While in school, Gabriel experiemented with drawing, painting, tv production, film directing...but it wasn't until he picked up his father's Canon that he realized that he had found his niche in the the world of arts. He loved the idea of telling a whole entire story with one picture. He enjoys the different emotions people may have when looking at a photograph of themselves or a loved one.  Although this passion for photography burned inside him, he "played it safe" and pursued a career as an ER Nurse; a decision he does not regret. Secure in his career and his life, Gabriel is not looking to play it safe anymore, especially when it comes to his art. He experiments with many different styles of photography, but loves shooting portraits, concerts, and exploring the creative world of conceptual photography. Born in the Dominican Republic, raised in Miami, Florida, and currently residing in Ausitn, Texas; Gabriel is an avid traveler who enjoys spending time with loved ones, hiking, being surrounded by furry friends, and of course...taking pictures! 

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